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Still Hiring Snails to Sell?Hiring Snails to Sell

At 24, having been the top salesperson at my company, I was rewarded with promotion to sales manager.

My first sales hiring was worse than bad -- he was turning in phony orders...

My next one was not much better, the girlfriend of a State Congressmen. I figured she'd have "connections" -- she barely made sales calls.

Things changed when I had a great idea for helping radio stations sell to previously unsold advertisers. I started my own company. Within 2 years my company, Radio Profits Corporation, had nearly 200 salespeople across the US, UK and Germany.

But our sales hiring failures were killing us and blocking our profitability. Turnover was at 50%+ and the 80/20 rule was in full force -- 20% of our team were studs,  80% were duds.

True Confessions of a Samurai Sales Manager With a 200 salesperson team...

I went on a quest because with 200 salespeople the sales duds will bleed you dry. I started asking everyone who might know:

"Who is hiring salespeople well?"


I interviewed Northwest Mutual because they have a reputation for being the best sales hirers in their industry. I went to FedEx who has a great reputation. I went to HR seminars. I read every book on the subject. It was a quest.

In the end I cobbled together a sales hiring system that paid off big time. We cut our turnover by 60%, and we increased average success rate for hiring by 214%.

In 2002, I sold my company and I retired -- for about six months. (But that's another story.)

In my non-work time I love hanging out with my grand kids, running, watching rainbows and sunsets from my office window and listening to live Blues at odd hours of the night.

Today, 1,970 clients and 243,000 applicants later I am spreading the message that "sales hiring can be much more accurate than most sales managers make it."

If you want to chat about sales hiring use this form to contact me. No obligation, of course. If you're not getting a better than 50% success rate, I might have some ideas to help you.

Peak Performance Staying Fit at 62 Years Old

Running is just something I do every day

“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood,
and a miracle fiber called courage.”
-George Patton

My daily run along the Mediterranean coastline when I am in Israel
right out my front door...
My daily run in Newport News at Mariner's Museum